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  • Ann Clementine 3 years

    Thanks to all our bishops for the letters and the commitment they represent. I feel sure that each person has learnt/experienced new things during this strange interlude. It has been a special grace to be able through technology to experience/ feel connected to mass through various parishes and numerous individual celebrants. There have obviously also been real challenges for each person as we live the isolation, whether as a retired couple(us) or families or singles….or even communities, as I expect even they felt the changes to ‘normal’ life. I personally miss time to myself- couples need time for separate activities- and the refreshment of social interaction-REAL contact! I have felt for our priests, wondering how each on has weathered this storm. For that reason I was happy to read some weeks ago comments/reflections from a few ACT priests on their Corona experience. It helps to hear a variety of comments and to know others have similar feelings. We know that priest are people too! Thanks.
    God bless you all with deep and lasting peace.